My Gigs

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Location: Comedy Zone
City: Charlotte
State: Mich.
Start Date: 12-31-14 End Date: 12-31-14

Location: Stables Casino
City: Miami
State: Oklahoma
Start Date: 1-1-15 End Date: 1-3-15

Location: Florida Theatre
City: Jacksonville
State: Florida
Start Date: 1-8-15 End Date: 1-8-15

Location: Sun Dome
City: Tampa
State: Florida
Start Date: 1-10-15 End Date: 1-11-15

Location: Corp.
City: Lancaster
State: PA.
Start Date: 1-16-15 End Date: 1-17-15

Location: Corp.
City: Los Angeles
State: Calif.
Start Date: 1-23-15 End Date: 1-25-15

Location: Penguins
City: Cedar Rapids
State: Iowa
Start Date: 1-30-15 End Date: 1-31-15

Location: Riviera
City: Las Vegas
State: Nevada
Start Date: 2-16-15 End Date: 2-24-15

Location: Corporate
City: Citrus
State: Florida
Start Date: 2-26-15 End Date: 2-26-15

Location: Corp.
City: orinda
State: Calif.
Start Date: 3-5-15 End Date: 3-5-14

Location: Treasure Island
City: Florida
State: Tampa
Start Date: 3-12-15 End Date: 3-12-15

Location: Penguins
City: Fairview
State: Ill
Start Date: 3-20-15 End Date: 3-21-15

Location: Ramparts
City: Las Vegas
State: Nevada
Start Date: 4-2-15 End Date: 4-2-15

Location: Primm
City: Las Vegas
State: Nevada
Start Date: 4-4-15 End Date: 4-4-15

Location: Hard Rock
City: Cleveland
State: Ohio
Start Date: 4-9-15 End Date: 4-12-15

Location: Comedy Shrine
City: Aurora
State: Ill
Start Date: 4-17-15 End Date: 4-18-15

Location: Funny Stop
City: Akron
State: Ohio
Start Date: 4-24-15 End Date: 4-25-15

Location: The Bogota Hotel
City: Atlantic City
State: N.J.
Start Date: 8-9-15 End Date: 8-15-15

Location: The PlayHouse
City: Lexington
State: Kentucky
Start Date: 8-20-15 End Date: 8-23-15

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